Bottoms Up: Experience Houston’s Best Distilleries

A female worker is sampling the alcohol produced from the copper distillery boiler. It is used to produce Gin and Whiskey. The image has been shot through the glass

The craft brewing industry is booming. In cities around the nation, independent distilleries have opened their doors to much celebration. Houston is home to a few local distilleries of its own, offering craft liquor that is unique to Texas. Here are just a few of Houston’s best distilleries:


Yellow Rose Distilling

Named for the fabled female player in the Battle of San Jacinto, Yellow Rose Distilling was founded in 2010. Yellow Rose Distilling is Houston’s first legal whiskey distillery and makes an entire line of whiskey products. Tours are offered on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the year, and a bar is available for tastings.


Grateful Dane Distilling

Grateful Dane Distilling is Houston’s first rum distillery and proudly uses locally-sourced sugar and molasses. This distillery also prides itself on distilling every batch twice. This smooth and flavorful rum is definitely a local favorite, and varieties include Texas Silver, Texas Gold, and Texas Spiced. You can tour the facility on Saturday afternoons and also enjoy cocktail tastings.


Avonak Distillery

On a mission to create flavorful, high-quality liquors, Avonak Distillery produces three distinct products. Those products include their Fifty 9 Gin, Avonak Vodka, and 10 Gin. All of Avonak’s craft liquors are certified organic and utilize a “grain-to-grass” approach. Tours of the distillery are available weekly.


When you call Catalyst Houston home, Houston’s best distilleries are practically on your doorstep. You’ll also find that you have access to world-class dining and entertainment. If you would like more information, please contact us! We’d love to schedule a tour and show you our luxurious amenities firsthand.

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