Discover the Best Tacos in Downtown Houston

Tacos with grilled chicken, avocado, fresh salsa sauce and limes over rustic wooden background, top view.

Here in Texas, we’re just a few hours away from Mexico, and the high quality of our tacos certainly reflects that. From authentic Mexican cuisine to Tex Mex and inventive experimental options, here are the best tacos in downtown Houston.


Where to Find the Best Tacos in Downtown Houston

Eight Row Flint

Eight Row Flint may be a pricier option, but it’s got excellent perks and bonuses. This place offers great whiskey as well as beer to go with your tacos and offers up one of the best pork tacos in town. Vegetarians love this place as well because the chopped caramelized brussels sprout taco is “to die for.”


Hugo’s offers up some of the most inventive tacos on this list, adding an unexpected dash of Cajun influence. Have you ever had catfish tacos? Well, this is your chance. Excellent chipotle mayonnaise, perfectly cooked catfish and housemade tortillas will leave you craving more. This spot is guaranteed to become a favorite for fish lovers.

100% Taquito

100% Taquito offers classic Mexican tacos for an unbeatable price. Don’t let the price fool you though, these suckers are good. Grab three tacos for $5! This is the best place to grab a budget lunch. The spicy brisket with housemade chipotle chili sauce will leave your mouth watering. And don’t forget to try the shredded chicken and housemade tortillas! Who are we kidding, everything on this menu is worth a taste.

Chilosos Taco House

Chilosos Taco House makes the best breakfast tacos in town. Using ingredients like grocery store sausage, Chilosos creates something you’d never be able to replicate at home. The cost is also very reasonable. If you’re not visiting for breakfast, be sure to try their barbacoa and chicken tacos. Made with specialty crunchy shells and perfectly seasoned meat, these are an all-time local favorite.


There you have it, the best tacos in downtown Houston. The city also offers an array of exciting attractions and some of the best food in the world. If you’re interested in making Houston your home, please contact our friendly leasing agents at Catalyst Houston.

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