Adventure Awaits: Momentum Bouldering in Houston

momentum bouldering in houston

Houston is now home to one of the largest bouldering gyms in the world, and it’s less than two miles from Catalyst! If you’re looking for a great hobby that provides adventure and exercise, bouldering is for you. To learn more about the sport as well as Momentum bouldering in Houston, read on. What is […]

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Eliminate Holiday Stress at Republic Yoga in Downtown Houston

A multi-ethnic group of adults are taking a yoga class together. They are sitting on their exercise mats and are meditating with their eyes closed and their hands together at heart center.

The winter holidays are upon us! This exciting time of year is full of parties and events, but it can also add a lot of extra stress. If you’re experiencing work-related stress or visiting family members are driving you crazy, visit Republic Yoga in Downtown Houston.   Republic Yoga: What to Expect Republic Yoga offers […]

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From Exercise to Food, Discovery Green Has It All

yoga in the park

Just four short blocks from the luxurious Apartments at Catalyst Houston┬ásits the brilliantly designed Discovery Green. In just under a decade, the park has become a popular landmark for locals. The transition of a city block from an outdated parking garage to a dynamic, urban space represents a trend shift in downtown Houston. The city […]

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