Visit these Quirky Spots in Downtown Houston

Quirky Spots in Downtown Houston

Downtown Houston is home to several mysterious, quirky, and downright weird must-see places for the adventurous wanderer or curious local. Here are the Top 5 most unusual experiences within 15-minutes of the downtown block. The Orange Show Dubbed “The Disneyland of Oranges”, The Orange Show is a little known folk-art venue.  It features the single-handed vision of […]

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Healthy Eating in Downtown Houston

avocado toast with watermelon

Whether you’re a guru of fitness or just detoxing from an overindulgent weekend, everyone can benefit from eating more fresh foods and fewer processed ingredients.  Before you power through another bland serving of kale, check out these downtown Houston eateries that make a healthy eating lifestyle taste as good as it feels. Snap Kitchen Snap […]

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Dine at the Best Burger Joints in Downtown Houston

Male Friends Eating at a burger joint or Sports Bar With Screens In Behind

Just about everyone relishes the thought of biting into a perfectly cooked, juicy burger. Perhaps you enjoy a simple cheeseburger, or a bacon burger dipped in ranch dressing. Whatever your preference, there is no wrong way to enjoy your choice. Luckily for burger aficionados, Houston is home to a variety of excellent establishments where you […]

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